When I’m All Out of Dinner Ideas, I Make One-Pot Rice and Greens

There are some parts of life– brushing teeth, showering, drinking water– that are not flashy however entirely vital, typically carried out without much idea or appreciation. I think about making a weekly pot of rice and greens among these life abilities.This routine captured on at the start of the pandemic, when I required both starchy convenience and a remedy to starchy convenience. Even much better that it was a meal I might make with staples I ‘d bought the last time I went to the marketplace, nevertheless long ago that was.Rice and greens goes like this: Make rice. You make rice– in a rice cooker, on the range, or in the oven– do that. It might be white or brown, short-grain or long-grain. You might even utilize another grain, like farro, couscous, quinoa, that can be prepared by means of the absorption technique, where the grains completely soak up the liquid.While your rice is cooking, prep one lot of dark leafy greens, like kale, escarole, fully grown spinach, or Swiss chard (prevent child, fragile greens). Eliminate and compost the stems, then rip the leaves into huge pieces.When your rice is done cooking, it requires to rest. Leaving rice to sit after cooking, off the heat and covered, guarantees that the wetness rearranges so that all the little grains have a consistent texture. Otherwise, the rice may be mushy on the bottom and dry on top.While the rice is resting, it can likewise be multitasking. The steam caught in the pot or rice cooker is hot enough to prepare greens (or anything else that steams in 5–10 minutes). After taking the rice off the heat, rapidly stack the greens on top of the rice and put the cover back on. Rice obviously needs 15 minutes of resting time for excellence, however I normally wait 5 minutes for excellent enough. Discover the pot, season the greens with salt, and after that fluff them into the rice. In one pot, prepared at the same time, you’ve got 2 of cooking’s biggest foundation, prepared to be dressed up and retooled nevertheless you please.Some weeks I’ll make a pot of rice and greens, include some soy sauce, furikake, perhaps (huge possibly) an egg, and we have supper. The next night I may simmer a few of the rice and greens with beans and their starchy liquid for soup. And for the last of the batch, I’ll crisp it in a hot frying pan, including whatever else requires to go. Other times I’ll make the rice pilaf-style with ground spices and a fat piece of butter, or I’ll include a can of drained pipes chickpeas.Rice and greens has actually vibrated slyly into my regular, buoying me through the day, moving based upon what I’m yearning and what active ingredients I have on hand. Its altruism is peaceful and intense. Even at my least innovative, white rice and kale steaming together in a pot felt– feels!– reassuring, reliable, vital. This is a life ability for which I am genuinely grateful.Ali Slagle is a dish designer, stylist, and author. Her very first cookbook, ‘I Dream of Dinner (So You Don’t Have To),’ will be out in the spring of2022 Read More