Velshi: A tax on the ultra-wealthy is not a punishment. It’s fairness.

Long prior to the word progressive ended up being as politically filled as it is today, policy-makers and economic experts concurred that a “progressive” tax system is the method to go. The word “progressive” in the context of tax policy suggests that the federal government enforces a greater portion rate on taxpayers who make more cash. This is the tax system the United States is expected to be following. You would not understand that, offered the lengths some of our legislators go to safeguard the financial investment accounts of America’s ultra-rich. Partially increasing taxes on about 700 of the wealthiest individuals in America would develop transformational modification for millions. A tax on the ultra-wealthy is not a penalty. It’s fairness. If you wish to see who gets punished by the system, it’s America’s employees. That is the reverse of progressive.Oct. 30,2021 Read More