The Best Food Storage Containers for Leftovers, Meal Prep, and Bulk Goods

Just like there’s the best cup for every single dish and a perfect knife for every single chef, there’s the very best food storage container for every single remaining, prepped lunch, and bulk product– since you can’t keep a chicken carcass in a mason container, and while you might keep soup in a single-use zippered sandwich bag, do not. To discover the perfect vessels for keeping every you can possibly imagine kind of food, we looked for the smart suggestions of our test cooking area editors previous and present, a group of individuals who understand their method around remaining sauces, stews, and grains. Below are their preferred containers for repackaging food to keep it fresher, longer.Genuine video footage of your cooking area, prior to reading our suggestions.For meat, fish, and pasta: glass containersTypical weeknight supper scenario: You made excessive pasta with red sauce (on function) and you’re portioning the leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch. Avoid the plastic containers and choose glass ones. You require an impermeable product that will not turn a faint shade of red post-tomato sauce and an airtight seal so absolutely nothing leakages. Previous senior food editor Anna Stockwell suggests the Oxo Good Grips Smart Seal glass food storage set since of its tight locking covers and silicone gaskets: “They seal actually well, are freezer-safe, and simple to tidy. Plus, they’re made from oven-safe borosilicate glass,” that makes reheating remaining lasagna that a lot easier. Food director Chris Morocco is likewise group glass “for honestly any food,” however he’s devoted to GlassLock containers which can be found in a series of sizes and have strong snap-on locks.OXO Good Grips Smart Seal Glass Food Storage Container SetGlasslock Oven Safe Container SetFor freezing soups and stocks: plastic deli containersIn our modest viewpoint, a few of the very best food storage containers with covers– or a minimum of the very best plastic ones– are almost complimentary. “I utilize deli containers recycled from Indian food shipment, pickles from Russ & Daughters, and leftovers from the test kitchen area,” states previous food director Carla Lalli Music. They’re low-cost, trustworthy, and requirement in numerous dining establishment cooking areas for excellent factor. They’re stackable and, most importantly, the exact same cover fits quart, pint, and half-pint containers alike. If you do not buy sufficient takeout to collect an appropriate stash, a set of 44 containers will run you $24DuraHome Food Storage Containers with LidsWhether plastic containers are microwave and dishwashing machine safe is a matter of dispute (we suggest hand-washing, however if you’re going to toss them into the dishwashing machine, at least utilize the leading rack), we enjoy them for freezing; the quart size is ideal for keeping huge batches of stock in parts that are practical for a lot of dishes. We like to identify ours with the contents and date utilizing masking tape and a Sharpie..For taking full advantage of fridge area: square deli containersOur test kitchen area personnel might be hopelessly dedicated to basic deli containers for their benefit, cost, and stacking abilities, however there’s something we can’t overlook: Their round shape wastes a great deal of area on fridge racks. Square plastic food storage containers, on the other hand, can be loaded into refrigerators, freezers, and kitchens in a more tight style. It’s easy geometry! Senior editor Sarah Jampel likes these space-saving, BPA-free plastic square containers with leakproof covers. “They have all the advantages of round deli containers– light-weight, cost effective however not non reusable– and they likewise nestle into my racks like puzzle pieces,” she states. They are available in sets of 20, that makes them remarkable meal preparation containers.For dressings, grains, and sauces: glass jarsA food storage container set that functions as a set of drinking glasses? Count us in. “I have a container hoarding issue and conserve most coconut oil/ghee/peanut butter/jam containers for saving salad dressings and raw rice,” states Lalli Music. Wide-mouth containers are terrific for grains while smaller sized half-cup containers will do simply great for sauces and dressings.Ball Wide Mouth Mason Jars, 16 oz.Ball Regular Mouth Mason Jars, 4 oz.Stockwell changes the two-part canning cover on Mason containers with these plastic tops, which are much easier to clean up and make it less most likely that your vinaigrette will leakage all over your lunch box.Ball Leakproof Mason Jar Lids.For sandwiches, treats, and doughs: multiple-use food storage bagsThese environment-friendly Zip Top bags assisted Jampel kick her long time practice of cleansing, drying, and recycling plastic zipper storage bags. Made with a thick-but-flexible silicone and geared up with flat bottoms, Zip Top bags are long lasting, leakproof, and can stand upright without tumbling over. Utilize them for anything you ‘d generally utilize a plastic bag for: freezing fruits and veggies, decanting almost-empty pasta boxes, and even holding liquids.Dish production assistant Mehreen Karim is a fan of these recyclable Stasher bags, which have an extremely tight seal. She utilizes them for whatever from loading sandwiches to conserving cookie dough. Both Zip Top and Stasher bags are available in a range of sizes and are dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, freezer-safe– however most notably, they make terrific sustainable options to single-use plastic bags.For bulk storage: big plastic airtight containersAn severe baking pastime ends up being a lot easier when you’ve got an 8-quart Cambro container filled with flour on deck. Senior personnel author Alex Beggs keeps one on her counter top for her 10- pound bag of King Arthur’s versatile flour– and given that they are available in a variety of various sizes, she stacks a 6-quart Cambro filled with granulated sugar right on top..8-Quart Cambro Square Food Storage Container With Lid.These containers likewise work marvels for keeping bulk parts of other dry items like lentils, beans, and grains. If you’re one to purchase 20–25- pound bags of rice, Beggs suggests this 13.21- quart Tellfresh airtight container, which has a substantial deal with.1321- Quart Tellfresh Large Airtight Superstorer.For cooking oils: plastic capture bottlesStocking up on a huge tin of Frantoia olive oil is a fantastic financial investment, however it’s practically difficult to put a tablespoon directly from its container. You might move the oil to an elegant cruet, however a modest capture bottle is your best option for daily cooking. The versatile plastic is clear, which might possibly make the olive oil go rancid faster, however if you’re preparing with olive oil a couple times a day you’ll go through the bottle much faster than you believe.12 Oz. Squeeze Dispensers.This story was initially released in 2017 and was upgraded by Tiffany Hopkins in2022 Read More