Master P Says Hyped Environment at Astroworld Fest Was to be Expected

.Master P.Astroworld Hype to be Expected …But No One Expected This.11/ 9/2021 3: 25 PM P states the environment at Astroworld Fest was kosher … while likewise acknowledging, nobody saw this catastrophe coming.We got the rap magnate Tuesday in L.A. and requested his viewpoint on the consequences of what unfolded Friday night … a day he really performed himself, albeit much earlier prior to whatever began going south.Have a look at his breakdown of what he saw … MP insists he never ever felt things left hand or weren’t safe. Yes, he keeps in mind the young folks who went did, certainly, get hyped– as it’s traditional at a celebration of this nature– however, absolutely nothing ever raised a warning to him personally.His bottom line here appears to be that individuals understood what they were entering by pertaining to Astroworld Fest– even going on to state an injury or more can reasonably be anticipated.11/ 9/19With that stated … Master P uses his acknowledgements to the households and enjoyed among the 8 individuals lost, stating that’s never ever something anybody ever truly prepares for, or is actively attempting to motivate.Obviously, we needed to ask who he believes is primarily to blame here– if he needed to choose somebody to blame– however he wasn’t actually in an accusatory state of mind, stating it’ll be arranged behind the scenes while ensuring to stress– Trav ain’t at Master P actually wishes to discuss is … how do we repair this to ensure it never ever takes place once again, and where do we go from here? Fantastic concerns, and all stay to be seen. Read More