Look: Ohio farmers’ 2,164-pound green squash sets world record

.Oct. 15 (UPI)– A set of Ohio farmers took their 2,164- pound green squash to a huge veggie competitors and left with a world record.Todd and Donna Skinner, who have actually been growing pumpkins and squash for almost 30 years, stated they understood their green squash was going to be remarkable at the Oakland Nursery National Pumpkin Weigh-Off in Dublin, however they were shocked to see it tip the scales at 2,164 pounds.” We had an approximation that it was going to weigh great, however not that heavy,” Donna Skinner informed WTOV-TV.Oakland Nursery stated the Skinners are now world record holders for the heaviest green squash.” Genuinely a sight to be seen,” business stated in an Instagram post. Learn More