Lawyers With Heart Founding Member and Collaborative Law Advocate Kathy Bloom Shares Her Life Story & Predictions on NoBull Marketing’s “Evolving With The Times” Podcast

.Philadelphia, PA, October 09, 2021–(– NoBull Marketing today revealed a recently launched hour-long interview with Kathy Blossom– creator and CEO of Flower Peters, LLC and an establishing member of Legal representatives With Heart. Kathy is an intense supporter for the broadened usage of Collaborative Law and Mediation throughout Pennsylvania and the country and shares her ideas on how we can all do our part to promote higher peacemaking in the household law legal system.” I initially assisted begin Attorneys With Heart as a group for the Collaborative and Mediation Lawyer I understand to network. It quickly became a group of individuals who interact on assisting keep customers out of court and ended up being an indispensable psychological support system throughout COVID-19″ – Kathy Blossom.” In 2031, I wish to see a future in household law where court intervention is no longer required, celebrations are no longer described as the ‘complainant’ or the ‘accused’ and divorces and disagreements are dealt with equally and in harmony without an adversarial system.” – Kathy Blossom.The interview dives deep into Kathy’s profession and insights such as:.- How the Legal Representatives With Heart Members First Came Together and Why.- Strategies Kathy’s Used to Promote Collaborative Law Through Grassroots Techniques.- Why Collaborative Law is the Future of Household Law.- Kathy’s Vision for a Non Adversarial Legal System.Gain access to the Interview Here: NoBull Marketing: NoBull Marketing is a development marketing company concentrated on assisting peacemaking household legal representatives include 2-7 brand-new cases each and every single month. Through the “Progressing With The Times” podcast, we’re talking to changemakers such as Colin Guideline (, mediation leader Woody Mosten, and Maribeth True Blessing (Attorney With Heart) to remain on top of how household law is progressing in reaction to a more mentally informed market.About Kathy Blossom: Kathy is a veteran household and realty attorney who focuses on collective law, mediation, and alternative conflict resolution approach. In addition to her legal and mediation abilities, she’s likewise an expertly skilled parenting organizer with a background in psychology. She’s an establishing member of Legal representatives With Heart, an Accessory Teacher at Widener University Delaware Law School, and has actually been extremely admired for her amazing legal capability and ethical requirements.NoBull Marketing, LLC. Ronnie Deaver.609-535-2266 & Law.
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