Jussie Smollett Hoax Attacker Wins Boxing Match as Guilty Verdict is Read

.Jussie Smollett.Osundario Bro Gets a ‘W’ in The Ring …After Actor Takes Major ‘L’ in Courtroom.12/11/202112: 50 AM PT.Jussie Smollett is a guilty guy, however the only thing Bola Osundairo is guilty of is having hot hands … as he showed in the boxing ring simply as the star’s fate was sealed.Bola’s been defending well over a year now, and it so occurred he had a match Thursday night in Louisiana while a jury discovered Jussie guilty on 5 of 6 felony charges for incorrectly reporting a hate criminal activity.TMZ.com.As you can see from our video, Osundairo was dominant, winning a consentaneous choice versus his challenger Ezri Turner. The battle was part of the 2021 USA Boxing National Championships … Bola won his previous contest.Fox.Minutes after the jury read its decision, Bola’s bro, Ola, shared a couple of words with press reporters outside the court house … however he didn’t speak about the case, simply screamed out his sibling’s battle and exclaimed “Nigerian-American lives matter!”.TMZ broke the story, Bola and Jussie were good friends– even striking clubs together– in the weeks leading up to the staged attack. Ola and Bola kept from the start that Smollett had actually paid them for the scam due to the fact that he desired press.Fortunate for Bola, it appears like he’s currently got a profession to draw on after the drama … when it comes to Jussie, that stays to be seen. Read More