Greenville, TN Author Publishes Religious Code Book

.The Bar Code Puzzle, a brand-new book by W. E. Anderson, has actually been launched by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc. Within the Universal Product Code, the scannable code emblazoned upon almost every item we utilize today, there is a noticeable order to the numbers, though the initial author of the code declared it was approximate. This order reveals mathematical ties to mathematical solutions from the pyramids and numbers important to Biblical prediction.The Bar Code Puzzle shows these links, not through speculation, however rather through sound truths from the code itself. The connections are indisputable, and Anderson’s sobering insights relate to Christians and non-Christians alike. Despite a reader’s convictions, they will leave from this deal with a brand-new sense of marvel and a desire to review their beliefs.About the Author.W. E. Anderson worked the majority of his life in all stages of building and construction, and he was a certified structure specialist. His other work experience consisted of boat structure, surveying, truck driving, and acting as assistant supervisor of an iron foundry. Throughout the last 10 years prior to his retirement in 1998, W. E. Anderson was a certified Community Association Manager. Tough and difficult, he handled numerous bundled neighborhoods and a big resort.Anderson’s pastimes have actually been fishing, outdoor camping, and hiking. He likewise takes pleasure in woodworking and reading. Now a widower, Anderson was wed to one lady for sixty-four years. He has 2 grown children and lost a thirty-five-year-old kid in1995The Bar Code Puzzle is a 108- page paperback with a market price of $2500(eBook $2000). The ISBN is 978 -1-6491-3433 -2. It was released by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For members of journalism, to ask for an evaluation copy, visit our virtual pressroom at or to purchase the book check out our online book shop at
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