CNN hosts were threatened by man falsely insisting Trump won in 2020: ‘Triggered over and over again by accurate news’

.National.Robert Lemke, 36, from Bay Point, Calif., was sentenced to 3 years in jail after he pleaded guilty in October to threatening an undefined reporter’s New York-based household.CNN’s primary media reporter Brian Stelter. Evan Agostini/Invision/AP.By Gina Harkins, Washington Post.December 21, 2021|11: 15 AM.As Donald Trump started objecting to the governmental election leads to November 2020, CNN’s primary media reporter Brian Stelter got a text from a guy explaining Stelter’s mom’s house, “indicating he existed.”.It wasn’t the only threatening message Stelter stated he got from the guy. The “Reliable Sources” host likewise got a voice mail informing him to “stop digging” and a text with a picture of his dad’s tomb. Stelter detailed the hazards Monday night after affirming at the sentencing hearing for Robert Lemke, a California male federal detectives state threatened about 50 individuals over their honest “declarations revealing that then-President Trump had actually lost the 2020 governmental election.”.On Monday, Lemke, 36, from Bay Point, Calif., was sentenced to 3 years in jail after he pleaded guilty in October to threatening an undefined reporter’s New York-based household. His lawyers did not right away react to ask for talk about the sentence.In a Dec. 7 letter to the judge, Lemke duplicated incorrect claims of “a big quantity of scams” in the 2020 election. (No prevalent scams has actually been revealed.) In another letter on Dec. 16, Lemke composed that he was “completely regretful and sorry for my actions.”.” After the election, I was captured in a firestorm of rhetoric and feelings,” he included. “I selected words that put individuals in worry. If I might return, I would alter those words, and take more time to correctly provide my ideas and intents.”.Stelter composed on after the hearing that it was “clear from the proof that Lemke was activated over and over once again by precise report about Trump losing.”.” As he confessed in court on Monday, he believed he belonged of something larger, a crusade to keep Trump in power,” Stelter stated. “The Big Lie led him to threaten siblings, and moms, and dads, and even kids.”.Lemke is among a number of individuals charged with threatening public figures in the wake of the 2020 governmental election. A Proud Boys fan pleaded guilty in August to threatening Democratic Sen. Raphael G. Warnock of Georgia on social networks in January. And a California male was apprehended in January after federal private investigators state he made pipeline bombs in a plot to attack Democrats to keep Trump in power.Lemke, according to the Justice Department, sent out threatening messages to reporters, political leaders and other victims in between November 2020 and January2021 As Trump fans stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, detectives state Lemke sent out texts to a reporter’s relative declaring the press reporter’s words were “putting you and your household at threat.”.” We neighbor, armed and all set,” the text stated, according to court files. “Thousands of us are active/retired police, military, and so on. That’s how we do it.”.That very same day, the sibling of an unnamed congressman representing New York got a comparable message from Lemke.” Stop informing lies; Biden did not win, he will not be president,” the text stated, according to court records. “… We have actually equipped members near your house.”.U.S. Attorney Damian Williams stated in a declaration Monday that Lemke had actually contradicted the outcomes of the 2020 governmental election.” Rather than trying to impact modification through the legal types of expression that everyone Americans still take pleasure in, Lemke looked for to stop flexibility of expression, to frighten and impart worry in others by dangers of violence,” he included. “Today, Robert Lemke was appropriately sentenced to jail for his conduct.”.Lemke utilized a minimum of 3 telephone number and various electronic accounts to mask his identity when threatening victims, federal private investigators composed. The day Joe Biden was stated the winner of the governmental election, Lemke composed on his Facebook page that individuals need to “Be all set for war,” according to court files.He informed fans to spread out the message, records reveal, and to “watch out for a range of demonstrations, and Stop The Steal Facebook groups for updates.”.He was apprehended in Bay Point, about 35 miles from San Francisco, on Jan.26CNN anchor Don Lemon likewise spoke at Lemke’s sentencing hearing as one of the lots of individuals who had actually gotten threatening messages. Lemon informed the judge the messages he ‘d gotten targeted him and his bride-to-be.” I am tired of examining my shoulder. I am tired of being suspicious of even friendly faces in public,” Lemon stated, according to the New York Daily News. “I am tired of being called phony news.”.Democratic Rep. John Garamendi of California likewise detailed the threatening messages he got. In court files, Garamendi stated the lives of his better half and kids were threatened in a text “noting them by name and house address.”.” My telephone number and the addresses of my household are not commonly understood, and the sender supposed to be a part of a bigger network of police authorities who would perform future attacks to topple the federal government,” Garamendi stated. “… Given the capability of the sender to collect delicate security info about my household, we viewed this to be a reputable hazard to my kids, grandchildren, spouse, and myself.”.The dangers required him and his household to “keep low profiles,” he included, which impacted his work as a legislator.Another victim, whose name was edited from court files, blogged about the worry his household dealt with over the threatening messages.” I might see it in my … child’s eyes when she questioned whether the odd creak in your home was in fact somebody attempting to enter our home to damage us,” the victim composed. “And she might see my worry, a worry that I could not secure them, that I could not keep them safe, in a world freaked.”.In addition to his time behind bars, Lemke was sentenced to 3 years of monitored release following jail. 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